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10 Home Goods That Ease Shelter-in-Place Orders

10 Home Goods That Ease Shelter-in-Place Orders

As we continue to help slow the spread of COVID-19, it’s important to manage mental health and well-being while hunkered down indoors. Many turn to yoga or meditation, while others might try getting more creative in the kitchen.

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Whatever the outlet may be, we’re all just trying to stay sane during this unprecedented time. In the spirit of making the best of this period of self-isolation, it’s worth turning attention to the items that make homebound life more pleasant and enjoyable.

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From kitchen tools to comfy footwear to meditative VR, here’s 10 items that have helped ease the isolated life during this months-long home stand.

Verve Culture Artisan Citrus Juicer

What’s better than fresh-squeezed OJ in the morning, or perhaps a grapefruit-mixed cocktail in the evening? Whatever the concoction, we recommend the Artisan Citrus Juicer from Verve Culture for all things fresh.

Not only built like a tank, this classic juicer also looks so damn nice on your kitchen counter. It’s made from recycled aluminum by talented Mexican artisans, plus operates with simplicity and wonderful efficiency. The brand states, accurately, that it extracts “every drop of juice,” while the integrated strainer fields the seeds as well as the pulp. After testing, we agree it maximizes juice output as well as any high-end juicer. 


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WeBoost Home MultiRoom Cell Signal Booster

Whether it’s Zoom meetings, Skype calls, or even just emails, staying connected in a health crisis is essential. Even an old-fasioned phone call can provide meaningful quality time. Enter the WeBoost Home MultiRoom Cell Signal Booster. If you struggle with dropped calls, spotty service or annoying turbulance, this multi-room cell booster is powerful enough to enhance the signal throughout your entire home. (It’s the second-most powerful residential booster that the brand produces.)

It’s designed to drastically increase cell service across three large rooms in your home (up to 5,000 square feet), and it’s compatible with all U.S. carrier networks and all phones and cellular devices. If glitchy signals have stymied your work from home, this booster will easily cure the problem. Don’t let bogus signal strength be just one other thing to stress about during these times.


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Sonoma Wool Company Wool Dish Drying Mat With Linen Sleeve

It’s the little things, like clean, dry dishes, that can brighten your day during the COVID-19 pandemic. And if a chic, high-quality dry mat can make that happen (or at least make seemingly endless amounts of dishes easier), look no further than Sonoma Wool Company’s. For thousands of years, wool and linen “super fibers” have helped naturally absorb moisture while resisting mold and mildew—and this linen-sleeved wool mat does precisely that, with a look that displays well on kitchen countertops. Place your wet dishes on the mat, and simply let it do its thing. (The mat naturally dries on its own between uses.) 


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Drinkmate Utlimate Bundle

Over the past months, creativity in the kitchen has been a saving grace. From new recipes to different cocktails, crafted food and drink can provide inspiration. If you’re ready to add a layer, consider the simple pleasures of the Drinkmate Ultimate Bundle. Just fill the drink carbonator’s included bottle with your beverage of choice, place on the machine, and add bubbles with the push of a button. The Ultimate Bundle comes with the Drinkmate machine, Fizz infuser, 1-liter bottle, three 60-liter CO2 cylinders (enough to carbonate up to 180 liters of your favorite drinks), plus one additional bottle: everything to make countless fun drinks anytime you need a pick-me-up, from sun-up to well after happy hour.


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Kevin’s Natural Foods

At the end of the day, sometimes you don’t feel like cooking. Even takeout—order in, driving out, hope for smooth “contact-less” transaction—can be too much. Check out Kevin’s Natural Foods for a healthy-eats alternative. Offering everything from tantilizing sauces and seasonings to mouthwatering heat-and-eat entrees, this Paleo-inspired line is as easy as it gets for meal prep. Entrees include plenty of worldly flavors—from Korean barbecue-style chicken to beef chili to chicken tikka masala—and all are made with absolutely no artificial ingredients, refined sugar, wheat, soy, legumes, or dairy. Kevin’s also offers a huge variety of sauces for all types of cooking: lemongrass basil, thai coconut, tomatillo taco sauce, and many more. Entrees are ready in 5 minutes, and come in bundles of four, six, and eight meals (two servings each), packaged and delivered cold—ready to eat.

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Glerup Slip-On With Natural Rubber Sole

When it comes to getting outside for a bit of fresh air, a good pair of comfy shoes should certainly be in order. And there aren’t many types of footwear on the market that are more comfortable than Glerups Slip-Ons. Made from 100 percent wool with a natural black rubber sole, these capable slip-ons are the perfect solution for walks around the neighborhood, trips to the store, and even mixed-terrain park visits with the dog. They keep your feet warm and dry. Plus, the soft, flexible feel of these high-quality unisex slip-ons is just so nice on your feet. Our favorite part now? They slip on and off without ever having to touch them, perfect for any and every contactless little outing.


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Cushmat Play Mat

If you have kids, you understand their struggle being stuck inside, away from friends. It’s up to the parents to find solutions for keeping kiddos occupied and happy. Having a dedicated play area is a great first step. The one-piece Cushmat Play Mat has infinite applications. Measuring 78.74 inches x 55.11 inches (and .6 inches thick), we placed ours in the middle of our carpeted living room, where the kids now sit comfortably to watch shows, dump out heaps of LEGOs, and even chow down as their dedicated snack area. It’s cushy and soft, so they can rough-house and summersault, as well as lay down for a nap. (And with really tasteful patterns, you won’t be embarrassed to leave this mat in the middle of the room when the kids are occupied elswhere). Bonus: It also serves well as a soft yoga mat, or even a sleeping pad while camping. The list of uses goes on and on.


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Fab Slabs Chopping Boards

Who doesn’t love a great cutting board? Something that not only handles its one job flawlessly, but also looks really nice amid all the other kitchen essentials. The team at Fab Slabs has taken it one step further: Its wooden camphor laurel chopping boards are naturally antibacterial. These incredibly durable cutting boards are also perfect for using as a serving platter. Handmade in Australia, Fab Slabs offers boards in all shapes and sizes—from the heart shape, to the paddle, to the pizza board, plus chopping board packs with a combination of products and laser-engraving extras. If you enjoy slicing and dicing in the kitchen, these chopping boards are as good as it gets.

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The Wave: Wine Filter and Aerator

At the end of a stressful day working from home while teaching “distance learning” to your kids, a nice glass of wine (or two) is a nice treat, if not necessity. For some, the side-effects of the next morning’s grogginess or headache, however, can be enough to damper all of that relaxing benefit. Enter, The Wave wine filter and aerator from PureWine, currently the only product on the market that removes both histamines and sulfites from your bottle of wine. Using its patented NanoPore filtration, this filter is safe—FDA compliant and BPA-Free—and it does not add any chemicals to your wine. It also aerates your entire bottle of wine as you pour. Wins across the board. Simply pop The Wave on top of your open bottle of wine, and let it do its thing. If you enjoy your happy hours, but can’t stand the next-day results, get this little wonder product behind your bar.


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