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This is the groundbreaking DVD workout that’s already changed millions of lives! In 12 muscle-carving workouts, Tony Horton transforms your body from regular to ripped in just 90 days.

12 Workouts on 12 DVDs
“How To Bring It” introductory video
Comprehensive 3-Phase Nutrition Plan
Detailed P90X Fitness Guide
P90X Workout Calendar


P90X® Deluxe

Get mind-blowing results from P90X—even faster—and save! The Deluxe kit includes everything in the Base kit, PLUS advanced P90X fitness equipment and Tony’s muscle revitalization shake to get the most out of every workout!


Gym-quality P90X Chin-Up Bar
Beachbody Performance™ Orange flavored Recover
Post-Workout Supplement (1-Month Supply)
3 Pro-grade Resistance Bands*

P90X® Ultimate

The best value of all! Get everything in the P90X Base AND Deluxe kits, PLUS 5 additional advanced P90X Plus workouts, Tony Horton’s exclusive PowerStands®, and the P90X Chin-Up Max to help you knock out more reps on your pull-ups.


5 P90X Plus advanced workouts
Tony Horton’s PowerStands
P90X Chin-Up Max*



3 payments of $39.95 (+ s&h)


3 payments of $79.90 (+ s&h)


3 payments of $109.85 (+ s&h)

12 P90X® Workouts X X X
3-Phase Nutrition Plan X X X
P90X Fitness Guide X X X
Gym-quality P90X Chin-Up Bar X X
Beachbody Performance Recover X X
3 Pro-grade Resistance Bands* X X
5 P90X Plus Workouts X
Tony Horton’s PowerStands® X
P90X Chin-Up Max* X



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