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Constantly struggling to lose weight?

Unfortunately, losing weight is not always just as simple as cutting down on one’s food intake, exercising more, the weight dropping off and never to return again!

Puberty, pregnancy, menopause, medication, stress, lack of sleep, illness and ageing can all influence your metabolic rate, causing one of more of the following problems:

  • Not eating enough to justify the weight you are.
  • Gaining weight easily but finding it much harder to lose.
  • What used to work for losing weight, no longer does.
  • Despite how much you exercise, you can’t lose weight.


It is said in science that 2/3 of the world’s population is overweight or obese. When you are around these things you can often change your point of view on weight. One person says you’re perfect, the other says you’re overweight.

Do you want the truth? Well take this quiz and find out if losing a few pounds is necessary or not.

This quiz is extremely accurate and please be honest with your answers. Thank you! Have a nice day! 🙂 And good luck!


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