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Why Cashews Are Bad For You

Why Cashews Are Bad For You

Why Cashews Are Bad For You

3 Best Ways To Reduce Inflammation & Pain:

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Why Cashews Are Bad For You
A while back I did a video about why and how peanuts are NOT good for most people and you shouldn’t eat them. This includes peanut butter.

And I’ll give you the link to that original video in a minute.

Personally, I like both of these foods – peanuts and peanut butter.

In fact, I like eating nuts because they are crunchy – especially if they’re roasted and salted.

And one of my favorite “nuts” of all are cashews.

I don’t know why… maybe because they are also sweeter than other nuts.

What’s interesting is that about 90% of the world’s cashews are consumed in the USA

In fact, the two most popular nuts are peanuts and cashews.

The irony is that neither of these two foods are even “nuts”. They are actually classified as “legumes”, which are beans.

More specifically, a cashew is actually a SEED harvested from the cashew apple, the fruit produced by cashew trees

What’s interesting is that the cashew is part of the same family as poison ivy, something you obviously want to stay away from.

In fact, the shell of the cashew contains a highly irritant and toxic acid that causes blisters, rashes and burning sensations.

The poor people who work in cashew facilities are often riddled with allergies and skin problems. Unfortunately, they need the money so they deal with it.
The 2 Main Problem With Cashews
However, after all is said and done, there are two main problems with Cashews and why I tell people to not eat them.

The primary one I’ll tell you about in a minute…

#2 Problem – Calcium Issues
But the secondary problem and one that rarely anyone ever speaks of is Kidney stones.

This is because cashews are high in oxalate salts, which cause calcium absorption problems.

And thus, the excess calcium that’s unabsorbed, can lead to the formation of kidney stones.

And given enough time, can also lead to calcium deposits in your arteries and veins…

Which can eventually lead to clogged arteries, blood flow and circulation problems, causing a heart attack or stroke.

If you’re concerned about kidney stones or blood flow problems, I’ve got a link below this video in the description area, about improving circulation.

#1 Problem – Inflammation
Now, I believe the primary problem with cashews is that they are highly inflammatory.

For example, patients and clients that I know… who are older and have arthritis, get almost instant pain, due to the inflammation, when eating cashews.

And I have the same problems in my shoulders if I eat too many of them, too often.

And I found this out by mistake actually…

Maybe it’s because cashews also contain Lectins, I don’t know.

However, you’ve heard me say before with 100% certainty, that inflammation is one of the leading causes of so many health problems and it accelerates aging — both your body and brain.

Because it’s such an important topic, I’m putting together a short, 3 part series about inflammation and pain – the REAL causes and easy solutions.

Just click the special link below this video, in the description area and start using the tips.
Are There Any Health Benefits?

Yes, I know that many websites and so-called experts will tell you about all the benefits of cashews. Including companies that sell and manufacture these nuts.

Thank you for watching. Please feel free to comment, like or share with your friends.

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